A Religion Of Mercy

December 10, 2022

"…My mercy encompasses all things…” [Qur’an 7:156]

Mercy is something innate, which Allah has placed into the hearts of His creatures, even the most ferocious of beasts  are merciful to their children. Yet, Allah is more merciful to His creation than a mother to her child.

Join us for this free online seminar as we explore the essence of Mercy in our religion, and what it means to balance hope and fear for Allah SWT.  

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Shaykh Waseem Munir

Shaykh Waseem Munir is a Khateeb and Instructor at Pickering Islamic Centre (Pickering, ON) and also pursing a Bachelors in Social Work at Ryerson University. He is heavily involved with Muslim social work in his community.

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