What is Mihraab Institute?

Mihraab Institute is an educational facility built around the goal to make Islamic education accessible to everyone. Through lectures, seminars, and courses, we aim to bridge the gap between the average Muslim and the teachings of Allah and His Prophet (SAW). All educational materials are developed with an attempt to combine the best and most practical way of studying Islam by utilizing modern pedagogical methods, while remaining within the paradigm of an Islamic worldview.

What makes Mihraab different?

The path of seeking knowledge is one that requires time, sacrifice, and dedication.  The average Muslim who is already so preoccupied with responsibilities at home, work, or school, pursuing such goals can become far fetched. Mihraab Institute aims to curb that issue.
All of our programs are developed while keeping that in mind. Courses are split up in a manner where they can be completed without taking too much time away from other responsibilities. Classes have both live and recorded options available to allow students to complete lessons on their own time. We will do everything on our part to make the pursuit of knowledge as convenient as possible.

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