Faith Foundations

Beginner course

Mihraab Institute presents a 10 week certificate course "Faith Foundations" to build a solid foundation of the core worships. This course is designed to help teenagers and adults learn and refresh their knowledge on the basics of their faith.

Zahaib Sayeed

Islamic Knowledge
Accessible To All

Authentic and engaging learning. Crafted programs built for everyone.


Classes and programs held at times which accommodate other responsibilities of life, along with an option for a completely self-paced course.


Various subjects that cover the entire deen. Upon completion of our programs, students will have the core foundation of various Islamic principles.


Engaging and interactive courses to help improve the process of seeking knowledge, while maintaining direct contact with the instructor.

Nourishing Souls
Through Sacred Knowledge

Mihraab Institute is a gateway for those who wish to pursue the path of seeking knowledge.
Where responsibilities of home, work, and school become obstacles, Mihraab opens a path.

“Seeking knowledge is an obligation upon every Muslim.”

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