Intro To Arabic Grammar

"Indeed, We have sent it down as an Arabic Qur'an that you might understand." (12:2)

The Quran is our manual for this world and the hereafter. To understand it's complete beauty and meanings, we must pursue the fundamentals of the Arabic language.

Mihraab Institute presents a 5 week certificate course "Intro To Arabic Grammar" to help those looking to build a solid foundation of the Arabic language.

This weekly course will be offered Onsite (at Masjid Ayesha, Edmonton) and Online.

Course features:

  • Weekly live classes on Saturdays at 10AM - 12PM (MST)
  • All materials provided
  • Online learning platform
  • Recorded Classes
  • Direct communication with the Instructor
  • Certificate upon completion

This course is recommended for men and women ages 16+ who can dedicate the required time and effort.

Please fill out one admission per person. Provide the correct phone number to be added to the course Whatsapp group.


Shaykh Zahaib Sayeed

Shaykh Zahaib is the founder of Mihraab Institute and one of the instructors. He is also the Imam at Masjid Ayesha where he serves the community of Edmonton with seminars, youth programs, and counseling. Shaykh Zahaib’s passions include conducting programs and seminars for adults and youth and teaching structured courses.

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